My research and practice focus on knowledge, evidence, and ethics in public policy, bringing together experience in delivering and communicating applied research with theoretical knowledge and robust approaches. Read my publications and thought pieces here.


I have been producing and communicating research for over fifteen years, using my experience with academic and applied research in the areas of sustainability, public policy, energy, and health. My PhD examined the use of knowledge in nudge and behavioural insights. Other research includes a focus on evidence and expertise in public policy and community engagement in energy policy. I am a published author, experienced presenter, and contributor to thought leadership pieces. I work to produce research that reflects my commitment and passion for ensuring all voices are heard in government policy and practice.

As a social researcher, I managed quantitative and qualitative projects, wrote winning proposals, conducted surveys, interviews and focus groups, analysed data and delivered useful reports. I have done research with rural and regional populations, vulnerable groups, policy elites and CEOs on sensitive issues such as impacts of infrastructure development, disease and family violence. I have had the privilege to work with businesses, not-for profits, and government administrations.


Writing for academics?

My recent article on Nudge and Co-design with Emma Blomkamp received quite a bit of attention after it was published on social media platforms. People had some good things to say about it on twitter, and our research was also published on a few blogs. It made me pause and reflect on how important it…

COVID-19 and behavioural insights: Questions for public policy

Photo by Michael Rivera on Wikimedia Commons This article was first published on the Crawford School of Public Policy website as part of their COVID-19 insights, experts and analysis series 06 July 2020 By Colette Einfeld My local supermarket has stickers on the floor at the checkout, marking out one and a half metres from…